Brand-New Liverpool Fan

Well, I sure picked an exciting time to become a fan, eh?

Hi everyone...I've been lurking for a week or so but figured it was time to post something. My father-in-law is a HUGE Premier League fan; he has the premium TV subscription and watches tons of games. Looking for a way to connect with him, I decided I should start following soccer (football? I'm in the US, for me).

I was between several teams but decided to become a Liverpool fan for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was Brendan Rodgers' style (or so it seems to this point) of taking young, talented players and putting them in positions to succeed. Anyway, long story short: I'm all about Liverpool now.

It's a crazy time to be just getting into this, as the transfer rumors have hit a level of absurdity usually reserved for celebrity gossip. Add to that the Suarez stuff and I'm pretty overwhelmed. If you can help me better understand what I'm doing here I'd greatly appreciate it!

In numerical form:

  1. What are the monumental moments in Liverpool history I absolutely must know about? Obviously I can just look up a list online but I'd love to know YOUR most memorable moments, not a random columnist's.

  2. Which paper(s) or news sites are reputable when it comes to transfer rumors and which are just speculative trash? From what I've deduced reading other people's comments, the Liverpool Echo is a good source, and anything from Spain, especially Marca, is usually pretty outrageous. I've honestly spent the last week or two just typing "Liverpool transfer" into Google News.

  3. It seems like the team has way too many usable players for not enough spots on the pitch. Do the same XI usually start each game or do they rotate starters? For example, with Rickie Lambert joining the team for the upcoming season, will he ever start or is his role simply a bench/reserve role? If they add Shaqiri/Sanchez/Khedira or some combo like that, how will they all play?

  4. How many players usually join the team during transfer windows? If half the players I've seen linked are brought aboard, the Reds will be adding approximately 20 players to a 23-man roster. Obviously that's not correct, but should I be expecting only 2 or 3 besides Lambert/Can, or could 4-6 be possible?

  5. What do all the position numbers mean exactly? I tried to look it up and there are a million different interpretations. All I can figure out is that a "number 10" is the "behind the striker" attacking midfield position and a "number 9" is a traditional striker position. Or at least that's what I think they are.

  6. How important is it for me to make the trek across the world to see a game at Anfield? It definitely wouldn't be cheap, but my wife wanted to take a trip to Europe at some point in our lives anyway, so it's on my "hopefully" list.

  7. What are all the acceptable nicknames for the team? So far I've gotten Liverpool, the Reds, Merseysiders, whatever "Kop" means, etc. Just want to make sure I've got them all accounted for.

  8. Who should I be following on Twitter? I have followed the following people so far:
    • Tony Barrett
    • Elizabeth from this site
    • @Liverpoolified
    • Gianluca Di Marzio
    • @kopfansofficial
    • Squawka
    • @LFCUSA
    • @LivEchoLFC
    • AnfieldIndex
    • Sky Sports Football
    • @LFCOffside (of course)
    • This Is Anfield
    • @TransferRumors
    • @Footie_Gossip
    • @EPLRumours
    • @EPLTransferTalk
    • @EPLTR
    • @TransferMoves
    • @LFC
      I'd love to follow some of you...let me know if I should! My Twitter handle is in my signature block.

That's all I can think of right now...I'm sure I'll pick up most of whatever else I'm missing by osmosis. Anyway, glad to be aboard! Go Liverpool!

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