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Unnamed Sources Say Suarez Wants Barcelona Move

Sometimes we have to talk about stupid things. This is one of those times.

Obviously the face of the most disgruntled man on Merseyside. Or something.
Obviously the face of the most disgruntled man on Merseyside. Or something.
Julian Finney

Nearly a year ago, when Luis Suarez was on a self-induced sabbatical away from Premier League action, Liverpool won their first three games of the season on the back of three successive 1-0 wins thanks to fellow striker Daniel Sturridge. In an attempt to illustrate that Liverpool were not a one-man club, manager Brendan Rodgers indicated that the team had not missed Suarez. Naturally, ten months later those words have come back as irrefutable proof that Luis Suarez is upset with his manager and demanding a move.

But where to go if you're Luis Suarez and any club would be dying to have you? Probably the arch-rival of the club you spent last summer openly pining away for, because obviously this is the best way of sticking it to a team who showed little interest in return. Or something.

Putting aside for a moment the fact that Sport is not exactly the most reliable Catalan news source in the biz and putting aside Tancredi Palmeri, there is a slight whif of implausibility to a story like this. While football players are frequently surrounded by those looking to make a quick buck off of them, unnamed sources "close" to Suarez hearing his innermost secrets only to run off to a Barcelona-friendly news outlet seem a little too good to be true for both Barcelona fans and those looking to read legitimate salacious rumours over their morning bowl of cereal.

With Suarez having delivered the knockout blow to England's World Cup hopes and not being terribly upset about having done so — and why should he be? — it's possible that Suarez could want to get out ahead of the next round of vilification in the press by moving to another country that has an equally terrible if not worse media.

These types of rumours aren't going to go away. It's a long summer, and it's probably worth conserving energy to deal with  stories coming from people with real names talking to real news sources. The man is very clear when he's unhappy with his lot in life; there's little reason to believe he's speaking untruths when he talks about how happy he is with life on Merseyside at the moment. Breathe deeply, friends.

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