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The Week in Comments: "World Class has to prove itself to be Suarez class."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

German fans watch a match while sitting on well-orgnized sofas at FC Union Berlin's stadium. Because of course they do.
German fans watch a match while sitting on well-orgnized sofas at FC Union Berlin's stadium. Because of course they do.
Sean Gallup

Community Comments

Hodgson: Suarez Not Yet World Class

Seriously though.

What kind of moron says stuff like that a few days before he’s meant to face a guy like Suarez?

They have to win to have a chance at progression and he basically does the team talk for the opposition.

The guys a fool. And not just your run of the mill fool either because when it comes to foolishness he’s definitely in that world class category.

— Nebhamoo

Luis Suarez Scores Brace To Put England On The Edge Of Elimination

Suarez doesn't have to prove himself to be World Class
World Class has to prove itself to be Suarez class.

— Luis Suarez Dentist

Liverpool and Dortmund Declare Interest in Dutch Defender

Nerf: Paul Konchesky

flashred: are we talking about blind fullbacks now?
I haven't seen much of him, but I say Blind's worth a shot in the dark.

— MichaeLFC

Liverpool Favourites to Land Lower League Star

CincyLPoolReds4ever: His potential is in the 80’s

Nebhamoo: Well that doesnt help us very much because the 80's arent for another 66 years

R2D_2: Look, this is a long term project. I’m sick and tired of all this short-termism among fans these days.

Dele Alli will be a decent player and loyal Red for years to come, often reliably coming off the bench to give the old head Jordan Henderson a well deserved rest when we’re 4-0 up in the final 70 mins. He’ll also be a blast on youtube and and LFCTv.

But his grandkid, Dele Alli Liverbird Awesomeness III, now he’ll be a legend...

Premier League Fixtures 2014-15: Liverpool Match Schedule

Someone has a right sense of humor for the opening day fixture

— Haughmill

Nevermind the Incompetence, England Should Have Just Tackled Luis Suarez Harder

Trying to be charitable here...
But perhaps by saying "make enough physical contact" Wilkins really means "generally try to be within 15 feet of the guy". Because that might have helped a little.

— saintgrobian

Janey had some strong feelings on Roy Hodgson's tactical choices vs Uruguay.

Staff Comment

The Week in Comments: "So Lallana is batman?"

MENNONATE: Why don't any of my comments ever end up here?

Ed: In this case, because you didn’t comment this week.

Gif of the Week

Not a gif, but it got 76 recs and you want to see it again anyway. (via Lucasinho)


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Community Notes

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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