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World Cup Day Ten: Germany v. Ghana

Ghana look to show Germany how far they've come in four years in this rematch of a 2010 World Cup group stage match in which Ghana lost 1-0 to the Germans.

The family feud is over and the Boateng brothers are reunited at last.
The family feud is over and the Boateng brothers are reunited at last.
Juergen Schwarz

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Preview'

Germany v. Ghana
Saturday, June 21st | 8PM BST/3PM EST
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Group G

After an effortless 4-0 rout against Portugal on Monday that included the dual delights of a Thomas Müller hat trick and some vintage Pepe aggression, Germany sit atop Group G having already faced their strongest competitor in the group. But this World Cup seems a different beast than previous editions, the potential for giant killing is Very Real™, and several other groups in the tournament have already been turned upside down one way or another. Germany will want to head into their last match of the group stage with six points, and nothing less than a win will be acceptable. Some continued fitness issues linger for several players, but manager Jogi Löw confirmed that Philipp Lahm will find himself in midfield again regardless of Mats Hummels' status.

By virtue of Portugal's own implosion, Ghana sit third in the group on goal differential despite their own loss to the USA. While a win against Germany would be the best result for their hopes of advancing, Ghana might be content to nick a point against the group leaders and then hope for a combination of results in the remaining three group matches, including beating Portugal on the last day, that might result in 4 points being enough to get to the knockout rounds.

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