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Rumour Mongering: Micah Richards Linked to Liverpool, Sun Rises in East

Micah Richards gets linked to Liverpool every transfer window. Micah Richards has now been linked to Liverpool in this transfer window. He'll probably be linked again in January.

Warren Little

There are certain names, certain players, who find themselves linked to Liverpool each and every transfer window regardless of Liverpool's needs or their current situation. Arda Turan is often considered the poster child for them, though some gestalt entity made up of supposedly surplus Barcelona attackers would likely beat him out rather comfortably for the title. Though in reality it might in fact belong to Micah Richards.

The Manchester City fullback has been linked with a Liverpool move off and on since Rafa Benitez was at the club. Back then, Richards was one of the brightest names in English football, the country's next great fullback. An immense physical talent, Richards seemed destined for greatness. If only he could make it through City's ever burgeoning log-jam of talented imports to get the minutes he needed to develop.

He never did make it through, though, and years later he finds himself an ever-present reserve, a player mostly kept around to make up the domestic quotas. Somehow, despite that he seems to have been around for a decade now, he's still only 25 years of age—though he turns 26 at the end of the month. Yet he has sat wasting on City's bench throughout his most important developmental years. And now he has, again, been linked to Liverpool.

Sadly for Richards, it seems a little late in footballing terms for him to deliver on the promise he was talked of as having back when he was originally linked to Liverpool, and even if he were to be given a chance to compete for starting minutes with Glen Johnson, Liverpool would seem a curious fit—both for club and player. Richards desperately needs minutes; Liverpool, if they are to improve at right back, need a clear upgrade.

Richards, even if he was once projected to become a player who could improve a side like Liverpool's, isn't that player today. Though perhaps, for the right price—which is to say next to nothing—he would make for a fairly cheap gamble. If there is, finally this time around after years of rehashed rumours that ended in nothing, a real desire to bring him to Anfield, it would be as that and not as a starter.

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