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Liverpool Request Permission to Build Apartments Inside Anfield... Wait, What?

If you ever wanted to wake up every morning inside Anfield, now may be your best opportunity. Start saving those pennies!

Suddenly this is no longer the closest you could possibly live to Anfield.
Suddenly this is no longer the closest you could possibly live to Anfield.
Clive Brunskill

There is a scene in the 1997 football film Fever Pitch in which die-hard Arsenal fan Paul goes house hunting with his fiancé Sarah and ends up visiting a place suspiciously close to Highbury, Arsenal's home ground at the time the story takes place. Sarah is not super enthused at the prospect of living so close to Gooner Ground Zero, but nothing could be more brilliant for life-long fan Paul.

It's the sort of real estate fantasy most fans only engage in while day dreaming, but those fantasies could become real if Liverpool are granted permission to include living spaces within the stadium itself. Yes, inside the stadium. As part of the plans Liverpool submitted last week regarding the Anfield expansion, they also included a request for permission to build eight "exclusive" apartments on top of the redeveloped Anfield Road stand.

It's certainly an unexpected addition to the stadium redevelopment. A cursory search reveals no other professional sports stadiums that include a residential component within the walls of the stadium itself; the closest comparison might be Rogers Centre in Toronto, which features a 348 room hotel built right into the stadium. Eight apartments is certainly not the same as a fully operational hotel, but that's still eight people who would literally get to call Anfield home.

The Echo reports that there is no word on whether the apartments would be rental units or available for purchase, but in either case they would almost certainly fetch a pretty penny from diehard fans who could afford to make such a zany real estate investment. The L4 post code may just have found its swankiest residential address.

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