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Barcelona Eye Four Liverpool Players, Including Daniel Agger and Luis Suarez

You know silly season is well upon us when the annual list of players Barcelona wants to buy becomes public, and this year is no exception. This time around, four Liverpool players have been named among the Catalan giant's targets.

"No, Luis, don't go in to the light!"
"No, Luis, don't go in to the light!"
Alex Livesey

Every year 'round this time, someone "leaks" a list of players that Barcelona supposedly want to sign. Usually it's an absurdly large list of top players from around Europe. This year might have been an exception after Barca were slapped with a transfer ban for improper youth recruitment.

That ban was recently "suspended", though, meaning that the Barcelona Rumor Train is on in full force, and Catalonia-based "leaked" the supposed Barca shopping list on Thursday. Naturally, after a successful season with a talented squad, Liverpool are well-represented on the list. Four of their players are among those named: Luis Suarez, Mamadou Sakho, Daniel Agger, and Pepe Reina.

For the most part, the list is pretty laugh-worthy, and three of Liverpool's entries are no exception. Suarez is virtually untouchable, and neither Mamadou Sakho or Daniel Agger seem terribly likely to be disciples of the Barcelona Way any time soon. Suarez also seems like an odd fit, as he mostly likes to operate in the same areas Lionel Messi does

There's some merit to the idea of Reina heading home, with recent reports that he's asking for far more in wages from Napoli than they're willing to pay. Barcelona supposedly have a deal tied up to bring Marc-Andre ter Stegen in, but indications are that they want a second higher-level goalkeeper to help ease the loss of Victor Valdes.

Other notable names from around the English Premier League made Barcelona's supposed target list. Among them include stars from Chelsea (David Luiz, Eden Hazard, and Romelu Lukaku), Tottenham (Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen), Manchester City (Vincent Kompany, David Silva, and Sergio Aguero), and even Manchester United (David De Gea). It's certainly a venerable and high-reaching list, all told.

Of course, it's also a very optimistic list. Barcelona aren't expected to be able to afford to spend the buckets of cash we've seen them toss around in the past. They've already committed a healthy chunk of euros to this supposed ter Stegen deal, and are expected to have to sell players in order to spend as much as people expect them to. I'd be surprised if Barca wind up with more than three of the players listed, including ter Stegen.

As far as Liverpool is concerned, don't pay these rumors much mind. Reina could easily join Barcelona, but it's doubtful any of the other three do. It's too soon to sell Sakho, Agger is unlikely to leave, and if Suarez joins any Spanish side, it'll be Real Madrid for far more money than Barca would bring to bear. For Liverpool fans, this list is more something to chuckle at than be concerned about.

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