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Shaqiri Tells Little Girl He's Staying at Bayern Munich

Rumoured to be a potential Liverpool target following talk of him being unsettled at Bayern, Xherdan Shaqiri has told a young autograph seeker he's staying put. So that's sorted.

Lennart Preiss

Liverpool fans hoping to see Xherdan Shaqiri in a Liverpool jersey next season, Blick has some bad news for you. Manchester United fans might want to start making alternate plans, too. Seems the 22-year-old Swiss winger and first attacker off the bench at Pep Guardiola's Bayern has decided he's staying put.

"Still at Bayern Munich!" was Shaqiri's response when asked where he would be playing his football next season by a young girl at a meet and greet autograph session for around 600 children in Basel. His insistent, certain tone can only mean he's totally committed to fighting for more minutes at Bayern next season and that…

Wait, he was asked if he was staying by a little girl? At an autograph session for children? And multiple outlets are running with his answer it as though it's a real story and his future's now totally, 100% settled? Did they expect him to tell her he hated Bayern and would be off in the summer right after turning her pet rabbit into lapin au vin?

Shaqiri may well have decided he wants to stay at Bayern despite earlier rumours that began with his brother suggesting he was unsettled and would be seeking a move. Telling a young autograph seeker he thinks Bayern is totes awesome, though, really only proves he's not a complete and total dick. Which is nice I guess.

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