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Scouse Cafu and Original Cafu, Together at Last

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With the one more game to go in the season, the legend of Scouse Cafu draws a special visitor to Anfield for the finale.

Alexandre Loureiro

Things may be bad. Things may be terrible. Things may seem like they're the absolute worst following a loss to Chelsea and draw to Crystal Palace that all but ends Liverpool's title dreams. It isn't all bad, though, with a guaranteed place in next season's Champions League group stages secured and rumours of a substantial transfer budget being put in place to strengthen the squad ahead of next season.

Plus there's Cafu, who's going to be in attendance for Liverpool's final game of the season. The original one from Sao Paulo, that is, not the Scouse one who grew up two blocks from Anfield. Though one imagines Jon Flanagan will make it to the match against Newcastle on Sunday, too, where Cafu will be on hand to see what all the fuss is about.

After a rather tongue-in-cheek campaign to dub Flanagan the Scouse Cafu caught the original's attention, and with Liverpool playing some of the most entertaining football seen in the Premier League in recent seasons, it was perhaps only a matter of time. Perhaps the Scouse Cafu will even have the chance to throw in a Cruyff turn or two for Sunday's visitor.