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Rodgers: "Tough Ask" for Manchester City to Achieve Perfect Finish

Brendan Rodgers hasn't given up on Liverpool's chances at a title this season, noting the difficulty Manchester City faces by needing to finish perfectly and failing to mention that Liverpool also need to finish perfectly.

Alex Livesey

Liverpool's stretch of eleven victories was never going to extend until the season's final day. It certainly could have, I guess, but they been riding their luck for weeks, and as impressive as they had been at times, asking them to finish on a stretch of fourteen wins always seemed a bit ambitious. Of course, a title challenge also seemed a bit ambitious, and here we are.

The point remains that reeling off win after win in the Barclays Premier League, the Best and Toughest and Most Exciting League in World Football, is quite challenging. Liverpool's luck and skill ran out against Chelsea at Anfield, handing the keys to the title charge over to Manchester City, who got past Everton on Saturday to stay on-track for their second league title in three seasons.

It won't be that simple, however, as now City have to do the whole winning streak thing, and Brendan Rodgers has appointed himself temporary president of the Aston Villa and West Ham United Supporters' Club, while also doing some recreational mind-gaming:

"It is a tough ask for City. To play three games at this stage of the season that really, really matter is a real tough ask. Aston Villa are an incredible team on the counterattack and better away from home, and West Ham on their day can be a really difficult opponent. Manchester City need to win all their games which means they will have won five games in a row and they have done that only once this season, so it will be a wee bit new for them.

Superb. City have to beat two fairly poor teams at home, and nevermind that Liverpool have to be perfect as well and still make up a nine-goal difference in order to tip the title their way. Oh, you're worried about the goals? That's a bit silly.

"If there is any team that can score goals and turn it around it will be us. There is no question. That will be our aim. No question about that. I have seen it before."

In summary, City are going to bottle it and Liverpool are going to score goals. Lots of them. A terrifying amount. NSFW. Celebrations at the ready.

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