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Rodgers: "There Are Things That Will Happen"

Liverpool might not control their own destiny in the race for the Premier League title, but Brendan Rodgers is still convinced that things will happen. He's probably right.

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Michael Regan

Wins for Liverpool in their last two matches are anything but a foregone conclusion. Okay, a win for Liverpool in their next match is anything but a foregone conclusion. Newcastle have been collectively mourning the loss of Yohan Cabaye since January with a brand of football best described as "silent protest," and while their form in the first half of the season likely secured a finish in the top half, they've done little to inspire over the past four months.

The trip to Selhurst Park to face Crystal Palace will be far more challenging, however, and Brendan Rodgers' side will need to find answers to some of the same questions posed by Chelsea last weekend if they're going to take the three points that are necessary to keep them in the title race. For his part, the manager seems confident, both in his own side and one of the enduring truths of existence--things will happen.

"I still think there are things that will happen. Manchester City have got three games to play in a week and that isn't easy, especially in the last week of the season. They have a huge game against Everton. That will be a tough one for City.

"Make no mistake, Everton are a terrific football club in their own right.They are one of the big clubs in British football. They have their own pride and their own reasons why they want to win the game. They have done really well this year and are still vying for that Champions League place. They have been very strong at home and they have some outstanding players. Manchester City have found it difficult going to Goodison in recent years. It certainly won't be because of Liverpool that Everton are pushing for the win, it will be for themselves."

City's trip to Everton presents the most likely thing to happen, as Aston Villa and West Ham don't inspire quite as much confidence as the blue half of Merseyside. City's recent record there--just one win in twelve years--only adds to the hope that Robert Martinez and his side can get a result. Fourth might be unattainable, but the chance to finish an impressive season on a high note (even if it carries the unfortunate consequence of helping their neighbors) will hopefully be enough to get them over the line.

Liverpool will of course need to do their part over their next two, and if they do, we can rest assured that things will happen. Hopefully it's just the good kind.

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