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The Week in Comments: So Many Emre Can Puns

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Laurence Griffiths

Community Comments

Rumour Mongering: Manchester United Consider Konoplyanka Bid

If midtable clubs are after him, we shouldn't bother.
Clearly not good enough for us anymore.

— Nebhamoo

Liverpool Make "Breakthrough" in Efforts to Sign German Midfielder

Bitches & Coutinhos: If we do sign him, where do we think will he play? Central or defensive mid?

jeremy.wyenberg: Wherever he...
wait for it...


Yay! Too early to add him to my "Most Mispronounced LFC XI"?
GK. Arphexad
DF. Bjørnebye
DF. Hyypiä
DF. Kyrgiakos
DF. Hysén
MF. Poulsen (this was frequently mispronounced as “you a**hole”)
MF. Can
MF. Biscan
MF. Smicer
FW. Kuyt
FW. Riedle

— saintgrobian

Sturridge Rise Can Give England Hope—If They Drop Wayne Rooney

PFFT, I think Woy Hodgson knows more about English glory than you

Did you win 348 titles with Malmo in fucking Sweden? No? Didn’t think so.

— Mr. Snrub

Week in Comments: "I hear Saturn has a team full of ringers"

I started well bro but seem to be delivering my comments like Downing delivers crosses.

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Conflicts in Leverkusen Contracts Leave Can's Transfer Up in the Air

Well, maybe Emre Can
But everyone knows that Ian Ayre Can’t

— Ingredz

Geoff Twentyman had a detailed breakdown of his answer to "Who and What Is a Liverpool Player?"

Staff Comment

Rumour Mongering: Another Barcelona Winger Linked to Liverpool for Nth Time

Let's get serious here

Really serious. We have to sign a forward beginning with “S” for continuity. It would be poor management and scouting if this wasn’t done.

Suso is coming back so there’s one but we need another from Sanchez, Shaqiri, and Son. This needs to happen, it must happen, it will happen, I’m unsure if it will happen, do you think it will happen? :(

We need a signing right now. Right this minute or else we won’t be making a statement and we need to. Everyone else is strengthening even if no transfers have been agreed yet. :(

What are we doing? Where is the ambition? We finished second and have CL football. :(

Too much hot Ayre in the transfer window and we need to steal a march on our rivals with our transfer war chest. :(

Too early or wrong site for this meltdown? Dunno but the yank owners need to go, Brendan hasn’t won a trophy and everything rests on next season or we could be back in administration! :(

Seriously, Sanchez is awesome.

— Chuck, cheating on his ETW column with an ETW comment

Gif of the Week

Rakitic Planning Sevilla Stay


— Mr. Snrub


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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