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Best Feel Good Moments of 2013/14

Other season reviews may bring you cogent analysis and tactical nous, but this one brings you all the feels. Prepare your hearts and your internet connection, for there be gifs within.

Do we ever stop loving this? No, no we do not.
Do we ever stop loving this? No, no we do not.
Paul Gilham

Liverpool's 2013/14 season went down as one of the most memorable of the Premier League era, and probably one of the most memorable for several years before that too. The club may have come up a wee bit short in capturing the ultimate prize, but the journey was nothing short of remarkable on all fronts.

Lots of post-season discussion rightly centres around the goals, the tactics, and the results, but what about all those other feel good moments from the season? The bits that don't show up in highlight reels or stats packs, but bring a little bit of warmth to your heart during the latest bout of ETW. Today we revisit some of those moments.

Goal Celebrations

Liverpool scored 101 goals this season, their biggest haul ever in the top flight and their second highest since 1895-96. (Yes, 1895-96.) Goal compilations are all fine and dandy, but won't someone think of the celebrations? With camaraderie on the team at an all time high, there were some truly delightful celebrations to witness.

Mignolet after Sturridge's goal vs Manchester United

Suarez vs Norwich City

Flanagan vs Tottenham Hotspur (sadly, no gif of the whole team celebration seems to exist)

Suarez and Sturridge vs Stoke City

Gerrard and Suarez vs Sunderland

Gerrard and Skrtel vs Manchester City

Everyone (even subs) after Coutinho's goal vs Manchester City

Not Backing Down in a Fight

Philippe Coutinho vs Steven N'Zonzi

Daniel Agger vs Mesut Özil

Jordan Henderson vs Ryan Giggs

Kop Kids

Never before has a show meant for children found such a strong audience with adults around the world. Kop Kids was a revelation this season, providing Liverpool fans with dozens of hilarious and tear-inducing moments throughout the season courtesy of young Finn and his colleagues.

Lucas Leiva and Jordan Henderson: Fairground Challenge


Philippe Coutinho Learns Football Cliches

It's no "Hey Jude" duet, but it's worth it for the unnecessary eyebrow raise after "It's not about me, it's about the team."

Luis Suarez has Tea with Finn

Solid gold.

Social Media

Athletes and social media don't often mix, but Liverpool players (and their significant others) have found a way to bring maximum delight to their followers.

Exhibit A: The Pug Life of Philippe and Aine Coutinho
Exhibit B: Mamadou Sakho's Cardigan
Exhibit C: Pepe Reina is Still an LFC Fan

No matter how you might feel about Liverpool's on-loan keeper, his Twitter response to someone mocking him for hoping Liverpool could still pull out a win against Chelsea was marvelous and unexpected.

All The Beards

Joe Allen's depression beard while injured, Stevie's depression beard after losing control of the title race, Jordan Henderson's red card suspension beard.

Hirsute bonus: Martin Kelly cutting his depression hair.

The Team that Spoons Together, Stays Together

It turned out to be a Decemberish holiday party rather than Joe Allen's birthday, but everyone easily forgave the mistaken cause for celebration because Daniel Agger was spooning wee Joe.

Kolo Toure Being Delightful

Daniel Sturridge & Philippe Coutinho: A Bromance for the Ages

Mamadou Sakho is the Best

All the Feels
Daniel Agger is named vice captain.

The normally restrained Dane could barely contain his glee at receiving the honour. If there's any doubt as to the depth of his love for this club after his recent interview with the Danish press, this clip is a good reminder as to how dug in he feels on Merseyside.

Cafu Discovers Red Cafu

A joke quickly became a huge honour for young Jon Flanagan when Cafu (the real one) took a shining to Liverpool's youngster after his bright half-season at left back. There were a lot of feelings of pride towards Flanagan this year, and recognition from the great Cafu was the cherry on top of Flanno's season.

"We Go Again"

What started as a spur of the moment post-match command to his troops became the slogan for a last gasp run at the title. Gerrard may not have wanted his pep talk to be caught on camera, but it galvanis(z)ed a team and a fanbase at a critical moment in the season.

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So many fantastic moments, so little time! Feel free to share your favourite feel good moments in the comments.

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