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Liverpool Release Yellow Away Kit

Timed to coincide with their post-season friendly, Liverpool have today officially revealed next season's yellow away kit.

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Just in time for a collection of players not including Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge, and Steven Gerrard to wear it in a meaningless post-season friendly nobody especially cares about, Liverpool have officially released the away kit for next season. As expected, it's a return to yellow, and having been away for a few years it's a return that seems overdue.

With the new home strip the weakest of Warrior's red efforts so far as kit suppliers, many fans will have been waiting on the away and third options before making their purchases for next season. While the now officially revealed yellow away kit may not go down as an all time classic, it's at the very least a solid, restrained offering in a classic colour Liverpool wore often in their 80s pomp.

If there is a complaint, it might be that, as with the red home kit the shade chosen appears a little on the light and bright side. Next to the current edition, next season's home kit can appear almost pink by comparison, and similarly the away offering seems a very bright shade of yellow where older examples typically came with less of a chance of blinding anyone who saw you in them.

It also may not be the best of next year's bunch, with a very South American style third expected in the coming weeks.

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