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Matchday: Shamrock Rovers v. Liverpool Reserves

There are Liverpool players playing football today so if you're around you're probably going to watch while cursing whoever came up with the idea of post-season friendlies in the first place.

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Julian Finney

Liverpool's World Cup stars have been granted a pass, which means most of the first team won't be on display for Warrior's glorified away kit launch—it's yellow!—but there are going to be Liverpool players playing football today. So if you're around you might as well watch. It might be the chance to see a few fringe players before they depart over the summer or to get a glimpse of a few young stars for those who don't watch the U21 league.

Plus Fabio Borini is back, so there's that. Also, the players who are on hand will probably be slightly less hung over than if they'd won the league and spent the past three days celebrating. So. Silver linings! And football! Sort of. There's also the Europa League final between Sevilla and Benfica following the match at 7:45PM BST/2:45PM EST for those who want to make it a double header.

liverpool blog fc sbn

Kickoff: 5:30PM BST/12:30PM EST

Ways to Watch: BT Sport in the UK and worldwide on LFCTV Go.

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liverpool blog fc sbn

Shamrock Rovers:

Madden, Cornuala, McGuinness, Byrne
Robinson, McPhail, Brennan, McCabe
Waters, Kilduff

Bench: Hyland, D O'Connor, Sheppard, Bayly, S O'Connor, Kelly, Osam, Finn, Zayed


McLaughlin, Kelly, Paez, Smith
Coady, Lucas, Allen
Ibe, Aspas, Borini

Bench: Ward, Dunn, Williams, Peterson, Lussey, Randall, Teixeira, Trickett-Smith, Brannagan

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