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Mignolet and Toure Ready to Go Again

The season may have only just ended, but for many Liverpool players there's already a focus on taking what they learned by coming up just short of the title and going again.

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Alex Livesey

In the end, despite an undefeated run that lasted from the first of January until their match against Chelsea at the end of April, Liverpool came up just short in their efforts to win a first title of the Premier League era. Rather than being too disheartened, though, many of the players are looking at it as a learning experience that will help them push for even more next season.

"Fighting until the last day for the Premier League, we wanted to win it," said Simon Mignolet. "You have to take into account where we came from and what we have achieved this year is amazing. So we can build on that next season and we can start on a high. There is belief now and we can start in a good way next season, and try again to compete for the Premier League."

Going from seventh to second is a monumental achievement, even if it falls short of the dreams many began to entertain as the second half of the season moved along. With no side finishing lower than third the year before having ever won the title since the Premier League was formed, though, the title may always have been too much to hope for.

If the club can purchase wisely and build on it, though, that 80% of the time the side that eventually wins the title has finished in the top two the year before does bode well for Liverpool's chances next season. Much of the reason for that, at least if you were to ask Kolo Toure, comes down to experience. Experience Liverpool now have.

"There is nothing to be disappointed about," insisted Toure when asked for his take on coming up just short of the title this season and about what comes next. "It has been a great season for the club. Nobody expected us to be where we were. I think we did everything we could but at the end City won it.  We fought right until the end. What was the difference? Experience

"We will gain experience by making mistakes and losing the title like we did. I am sure that will give us the strength to be better next year. This is football. You need to have bad times to have good times after. You learn from the bad times and you improve so that when you get to those situations [again] you make a better decision."

Coming up just short of the title hurts, but it could also help to provide a foundation for future success. And it sounds as though most of Liverpool's players already can't wait for the chance to pick themselves up and go again.

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