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The Week in Comments: "everything’s the worst for everyone else too"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Laurence Griffiths

Community Comments

The Week in Comments: "Just deduct 1 point from City's total and I'll be fine"

We should probably start recruiting our Shakespearean characters from the comedies instead of the tragedies. It would lead to much better third acts.

For instance, if Ian “my kingdom for a hog” Ayre had had the foresight to recruit a Falstaff instead of an Iago, then last week Steven Gerrard would have slipped … into women’s clothing. Much confusion and hilarity would have ensued before the game culminated in at least one wedding. I would have slept much better as a result.

— RogerTheShrubber, on the probable lack of Iago puns next season

Pressure's Off, Title's On

the title may technically still be on,
but my pants are literally still off.

— latortillablanca

A Brief History of Cristian Tello Transfer Links

/waits for the inevitable and ultimately unfulfilling Arda Turan link

— Mr. Snrub

Let's All Laugh At Liverpool

Haughmill: Is this how Arsenal fans feel when they finish 4th?

erosenin: No, they usually drop out of the challenge quite early and actually are quite relieved when after all their end season struggle they make the Top-4.

Rodgers Concedes Title to Manchester City

Chelsea blew their chances with a gruesome 0-0 draw at Norwich,
we did with a 100 mph 6-goal thriller at Palace.

— Liberecak, describing the difference in tactical approaches between the two clubs
9 points during Hendo suspension
4 gained. Says it all.

— Shelvey's Goggles

Everything's the Worst: Tuesday's Tidings Edition

Everything’s the worst because we blew a golden opportunity for the title against Chelsea, we hurt our chances even more by falling apart against Palace, and now we have to rely on Villa and West Ham.

Everything’s the worst because we might not get a chance at the title like we had this year for a long time.

But everything’s the worst for the rest of the league because we will score 100+ goals this year, we went from 7th to 2nd (or 1st…), we are in the Champions League.

Everything’s the worst for the rest of the league because Liverpool is back to being a team that everyone has to worry about. They have to worry because we’re taking your Champions League spot and we are taking your title.

Everything’s the worst because it sure as heck feels like it right now, but everything’s the worst for everyone else too.

— Chief Ralphie the Red

The Great Rodgers Gamble

statistically obviously it is way more likely for man city to drop points than liverpool to catch up in goal differential. but you have to applaud BR for giving it a go. it’s also a better motivator to think you still have fate in your own hands.

importantly, he learned something about this team. same way he learned something about how his CBs can’t masquerade as FBs in the southampton game i think, how he learned that 3-5-2 or whatever it is he tried is merely serviceable, or that coutinho isn’t so great on the wings, better off sturge than suarez as the central striker, moses not versatile, etc. as a result, his squad got better as the season wore on. i only listed all the things that didn’t work—he tried lots that did actually work, like flanagan at LB, sterling anywhere, gerrard at DM, tinkering with formations, etc. he is the anti-Moyes in that he is great at making adjustments and i am hopeful that we’ll stay in top 4 for a number of seasons to come.

— Lingyis

Crystal Palace 3, Liverpool 3: First Thoughts

Guaranteed 3rd. Champions League next season. One of the youngest squads in the PL. Manager of the year. Player of the year.

If you think I’m sad, you’re out of your fucking mind. This team is here to stay. YNWA. And next year we OWN this league.

— Gavin.Paull

Liverpool 2, Newcastle 1: First Thoughts

Feel it. Get to know it. Know you were so close you could taste it. Know it slipped. Feel the anguish. Experience the emotion, don’t paper over it with hastily/falsely constructed perspective – that will come in its due time, filling you with its goodness when it does. For now, know that brick in yer gut serves a purpose. Yer team was challenging for the best. Fighting with the pointy end, on the sharp edge, where the wild things grow. Don’t push this away – welcome it. Revel in the stinging cuts and throbbing abrasions it leaves behind. This is the stuff that makes the success worthwhile. Appreciate the organic nature of loss. It is, after all, the anti-plastic.

— latortillablanca
I've ordered my TLO season ticket for 2014/15 already

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

janeytee had many wonderful things to say about Hendo. Gill15 had some poetic thoughts on the season.

Staff Comment

Pre-Newcastle Overnight Open Thread

Andy Carroll’s stoppage time winner at the City of Manchester stadium.

— Noel on the single most impactful change on Liverpool's season


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