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Upbeat Suarez Plays Down Title Talk

Though he's happy with his own season on a personal level, Luis Suarez is sticking to the same talking points as the rest of his teammates when it comes to Liverpool's title challenge.

Ben Hoskins

Taking things one game at a time. Leaving it all on the pitch and seeing where things end up come the end of the season. Giving 173.6% effort every week. These are the sorts of sporting cliches that have become unavoidable as Liverpool head into the final five games of the Premier League season topping the table.

Given Liverpool have never topped the table with five games to go in the Premier League era, a bit of cliche to go along with the wins is probably something most Liverpool fans are more than willing to put up with. And this week marks a relatively rare entry in the genre from Luis Suarez, with the striker trying to play down the title talk.

"We're not getting carried away with the talk of a possible trophy," Suarez told Match Magazine. "It's obviously nice for the fans to believe and be excited, but it's our responsibility as players to concentrate on the next team we face, do our best on the pitch and we'll see what happens in May."

While he's sticking to the ever popular wait and see approach to deferring talk of a potential Liverpool title, he's more open when it comes to discussing whether he feels the season has gone well for him on a personal level. Spoiler alert: he thinks it's gone pretty well. Though with 29 goals, 11 assists, and zero bans you probably already knew that.

"You always want to improve as you progress through the different seasons," he said. "If you don't want to constantly improve, then you might as well give up. I've had some good seasons in the past, with some very good strike partners, but this season has felt very good and I'm really enjoying my football."

Spoiler alert: Liverpool fans are really enjoying his football, too. Now if there was just some way to deal with the nerves involved with the whole waiting until May and seeing what happens part.

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