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This Week in Daniel Agger News: #AskAgger Edition

Liverpool's Danish centre back took some time out of his day to answer fan questions over Twitter, and he laid to rest one of the most persistent myths about him. #heartbroken

Gareth Copley

The Twitter Q&A. What promises to be an opportunity to ask your favourite players all your most burning questions usually ends up being a benign exercise in providing information everyone already knows if they've been paying attention for more than five minutes.

This isn't to say a player Q&A over social media can't be interesting or amusing in some way — Mamadou Sakho certainly managed this during his own non-LFC affiliated #sakholive chat last fall — but Liverpool's #AskAgger session on Thursday on Twitter played it on the safe side. At a time when club and player accounts are monitored more closely than ever, it's hardly surprising that the questions culled from the thousands submitted are the least controversial.

But that doesn't mean there wasn't controversy, as there was one question posed by multiple people that will certainly cause a few fan tears as it shatters one of the greatest Agger myths out there.

Hardest hit by this revelation was our very own janeytee, but fans can take solace in the fact that Agger didn't say he wouldn't do this if Liverpool win the league.

It's a testament to Agger's standing at the club and around the Premier League that this Q&A wasn't immediately jumped on by opposition fans to issue hashtag-laden insults — which hasn't been the case for previous installments of this feature — but there was still a slew of odd questions posed to the centre back that, tragically, went unanswered because we needed to know more about his love of tennis and Danish musician Kim Larsen.

Some wanted to know why their school administration was hell-bent on preventing students from marathoning Breaking Bad.

Others placed great importance on his musical opinions.

There was a suggestion that Agger-to-DM is totally a thing that should happen.

Still others seem unsure as to which European nation Agger hails from.

With the increasing amount of CCTV present all over England, some raised some more topical concerns.

At the end of the day, existentialism made its way into the conversation like it always does.

Do any of us ever really know who we are, MN? This season we very well might: we are Liverpool, tra la la la la.

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