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Champions League Open Thread: 19th Century Football Edition

It's Chelsea in a big match, so it's probably going to make your eyes bleed from the boring. Still, there's a chance they could lose, which would just about make sitting through it seem worthwhile.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Other managers may specialise in making their sides difficult to break down, but mostly they're the sorts of managers dealing with limited budgets and underdog squads. Jose Mourinho is different. Jose Mourinho regularly gets more money than any other manager in football before setting up his teams to play some of the most regressive, cynical, eye-bleedingly boring football you're ever likely to see—and when it doesn't go well he moans like a spoilt brat that he needs more, more, more, because to do otherwise might be to admit culpability. Chances are, then, that Chelsea will play terrible football tonight. They'll also likely win and then he'll be hailed as a genius for navigating his mega-budget side past a far less wealthy opponent.

As always, the match kicks off at 7:45PM BST/2:45PM EST. And you never know, Atletico Madrid could always pull off the upset. But they probably won't. LiveSoccerTV has listings of live television offerings around the globe, and you can always find the open threads in the sections drop down menu at the top of every page on the site when they disappear from the front page.

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