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Suarez Looks to the Future After Surprising Season

Admitting that even the players have been surprised by their incredible season, Luis Suarez is looking forward to a strong finish and then a few summer signings to help secure Liverpool's improved position.

Michael Regan

Having pulled off the transfer coup of the summer last year when they held on to Luis Suarez, Liverpool now appear poised to break a 24-year title drought and capture their first ever Premier League title. Even the club's most loyal supporters weren't expecting a title run at the start of the year—and, admits Suarez, the truth is that the players weren't expecting it, either.

"It would be something that no one would believe," said Suarez, reflecting on Liverpool's unexpected title challenge while being interviewed in Spanish by Perform. "We have good players, but if you look at the complete squad, we don't have the tools to be up there. The truth is that we have surprised ourselves at how well we're playing.

"We have good players who are demonstrating why they are at Liverpool and it would be something amazing for the Premier League because of the investment made by Chelsea, City, and Arsenal. Even Tottenham have spent over £100M and we, with so little investment, are in that position. It would be incredible."

Though Liverpool seem on much safer ground when it comes to Suarez' future than they were at this time a year ago, when you're talking about the season's top striker not just in England but in all of football, speculation is inevitable. Already there have been suggestions in Spain that if Madrid sell Karim Benzema, they will seek Suarez or Sergio Aguero to replace him.

Suggesting that if one of the world's best and richest sides were to sell their striker they'd likely want to replace him with the best is hardly revelatory stuff, but that hasn't stopped some of the lesser lights of the English press from picking the story up as though it holds deeper meaning. And for Suarez' part at least, the focus seems clearly on another season at Liverpool.

"There is a lot of potential," he added. "There are young players such as Sturridge, Coutinho, Luis Alberto who hasn't played much, Joe Allen, Flanagan. All of them are good young players that have played a lot this year and, with a couple of good players that could come into the team with European experience, it could help us."

Saying he isn't going anywhere when directly asked about his future—as was the case last season right before he agitated for a move away—is one thing. Looking forward to a few summer signings to strengthen the squad ahead of Liverpool's return to the Champions League next season is another, and seemingly more significant.

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