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The Curious Case of Victor Moses

How does it feel when the club you're on loan to is in a title race with your home club and they come face to face in a decisive game at the end of the season? If you're Victor Moses, it feels pretty meh.

We call this move the Chelsea Face Slap. Patent pending, Ramires Santos do Nascimento.
We call this move the Chelsea Face Slap. Patent pending, Ramires Santos do Nascimento.
Paul Thomas

It's not easy being Victor Moses. Sent out on loan to a club where it's become very clear by now that his new manager does not rate him, the winger gets to play the unfortunate role of Primary Interview Target ahead of Liverpool's match against Moses' home club Chelsea. By usual loan terms Moses will be ineligible to play against the London club, but this hasn't stopped the media from asking him about life on a title-challenging team.

"Everyone's ready to go because we know how important the last four games are for us," said Moses. "We just need to win as many games as we can to win the Premier League. I can't say it's in the bag but with the kind of players we've got, we're just going to work hard together as a team and hope for the best at the end of the season.

"I'm a Chelsea player. I came to Liverpool to do a professional job for them but I'm going back to Chelsea at the end of the season to try and fight for my spot."

In a year when nearly every Liverpool player has spoken at length and with a twinkle in his eye about how much good will and camaraderie there is in the squad this year, Moses' rather deflated understanding of his ultimate purpose in the team comes off more than a bit forlorn. It would be challenging to find a player who sounds less enthusiastic to be in a position to win a Premier League title.

In fairness to Moses, the considerable amount of time he's spent on the bench this season means he's contributed far less to the team's title run than many of his teammates, and it's tough to feel ownership over the club's achievements when you've been involved so minimally. For a man who has made the team sheet 37 times in all competitions but remained an unused substitute in over 40% of those games, perhaps it is time to start looking at next season when he'll be back in blue.

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