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The Week in Comments: "I hope Suarez treats Norwich like Norwich"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Gerrard: Treat Norwich Like AC Milan

I hope Suarez treats Norwich like Norwich

— R2D_2
This season has been nothing short of magical. Whether or not Gerrard lifts that trophy at the end of the season, every single match played this season will forever be etched in my sports memory. From Mignolet’s save against Stoke, to Suarez’s 4 goals against Norwich, to Gerrard’s penalty against Fulham, to Skertl getting his head stapled, to Coutinho’s goal against City… I’ll remember it all.

But what I think I’ll remember the most is this feeling of camaraderie with the fans. Whether it be following people on Twitter or lurking around here, there is a togetherness that you don’t find in other franchises and other sports. Liverpool feels like family. I’m no Scouser, just a Californian, but from Europe to Asia, we’re all family. Truly, no Liverpool supporters walks alone.

— deftoned

Sturridge: "I've Been Given a Setback"

Same formation
Skrtel for studge, agger for skrtel. Everyone wins

— sameold

Watch: Philippe Coutinho v. Manchester City

this guy is 21, people...

basically the same age as suso an dreem an tex an alberto an iLloris. he’s muscling Pablo Zabaleta off the ball, who is perhaps one of the three strongest guys in this league. short passing, long passing, crossing, touches, tackles, eating up real estate defensively… studge is down, but boy do we have a versatile, in form attacker on our hands here that is eminently capable of picking up the slack.

we’re gonna need it, too.

— latortillablanca

Norwich City 2, Liverpool 3: First Thoughts

Chuck: He's the new Downing! Whoscored rated him pretty poorly for a sub that had nearly 30 mins to do something. That’s all I’ve got.

Mr. Snrub: Whoa whoa whoa. There can only ever be one Stewart Thomas Downing

Elizabeth: I'm depressed you know his middle name

maninblack: STD's are hard to forget
"we go to norwich, exactly the same!"
too literal capt, o capt.. 3-2 citeh and 3-2 norwich.

— winds

O-M-STEVIE-G: Gerrard Gives it Everything

Nebhamoo: Optimism is exactly what we need right now. In years to come we will tell our grandchildren of the effort of this Liverpool side.

We are on the cusp of something truly remarkable, something which tears down barriers and forces every one of your nerves to fray in ways that life very rarely is able to achieve.

So my advice, which you can throw out the window if you must, is to let it all soak through you. Let it be engrained in you because when all is said and done, do you really want to tell your grandchildren that during this moment you held back because of the fear of pain and disappointment? Or do you want to be able to tell them that you lived it, every bone aching, nerve tingling, sweat inducing moment?

Fear and disappointment has it’s place, but it’s place is not here.

Luis Suarez Dentist: Fear and disappointment does have its place – Old Trafford.

Staff Comment

Norwich City 2, Liverpool 3: Breathing Room

For me, the way Sterling is going we can safely say we’ve got an excellent flexible attacking player that is CL quality. If we want to add another young player that will ensure we have the same quality in the same positions then we’re looking at Griezmann, Tello, and Shaqiri. Sterling’s looking that good right now.

If we didn’t have Sterling but saw a player like him, we’d be going bonkers to sign him but would be complaining that Ayre would mess it up but we need to sign him to make a statement but Tottenham might try and get him but Chelsea or Dortmund would probably get him over us. But we’ve got him!

— Chuck

Gif of the Week

Not technically a gif, but it's the best damn flowcart I've ever seen, courtesy of Ed.


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Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurkers husbar1, lightbrigade, CountofMonteristo, JustDeanJameson, pbpope, saintgrobian, and PapaHasty. Apologies if I missed anyone!
  • Ken Mueller broke down how Liverpool performs with Suarez and Sturridge together, only Suarez, and only Sturridge.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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