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Martin Skrtel's Got Team Spirit

Having to fight back for the win against Manchester City shows the kind of spirit this Liverpool side. At least according to Martin Skrtel. And you probably don't want to mess with Martin Skrtel.

Alex Livesey

Having let a two goal lead slip away on Sunday, Liverpool appeared teetering on the edge of letting their best chance at the league title in more than 20 years slip away. Overcoming that to win the match in the end might be the sort of thing to show the character and spirit of a side.

At least it would be if you asked Martin Skrtel for his take on it. And Martin Skrtel seems like the sort of person you're better off agreeing with for the sake of your own physical well being. So. Character and spirit; spirit and character. This Liverpool side's got it—along with a league leading 93 goals.

"I think we showed character, spirit, and desire to score the third goal and it was a great win," said the defender. "It was a great demonstration of our spirit. It wasn't easy for us because we conceded two goals in quick succession and from there, it's never easy to get back into the game.

"But the atmosphere was unbelievable—even on the street before the game when we were arriving at the stadium. The fans were singing and showing their support and that's always great for the players. I need to say thanks for that and we need to keep going."

After starting the season on the fringes and surrounded by transfer rumours, a few of the fans owe Skrtel some thanks in return. Not only has he rediscovered his form as Liverpool's defensive anchor, but his seven goals stand him first amongst defenders in the scoring charts.

"I'm just happy to score and help the team get three points," he added, for a moment sounding more striker than centre half. "I've scored seven this season and if I can score some more then that would be great, but the most important thing is that we're winning—it doesn't matter who is scoring the goals."

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