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Pre-Manchester City Overnight Open Thread

One question to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Alex Livesey

I usually spend the overnight open thread asking you for line-up predictions, querying as to the whereabouts of Luis Alberto, and coming up with tenuously connected bonus questions. We could do all that tonight, of course, but I feel like it pales in comparison to how huge tomorrow's Liverpool game is and, perhaps even more importantly, how huge this season has been regardless of tomorrow's result.

So instead I ask but one question tonight, friends:

What has this season meant to you as a Liverpool fan?

This season has been fantastic for Reds of all stripes, from those who remember the titles and European glory of the 1970s and 1980s to newer fans who have barely experienced truly good moments with this club, and everyone in between. There's something special about this season for just about everyone. Tell us all about it!

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