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Yep, It's Red: Liverpool Officially Launch 2014-15 Home Kit

It's red. It's got white trim. It's exactly what the leaked images said it would be. So give us your final verdict on the new Liverpool home kit.

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Liverpool officially launched their home kit for the 2014-15 season today, and in the end it turned out that yesterday's leaked promotional image was spot on. It's rather red. It's got some white trim. And it's there's a set of clavicle swooshes that, any complaints aside, at least haven't been given a name to match the rather embarrassingly titled glory holes on Warrior's first set of football boots. So. All told, it's a Liverpool home kit.

Still, even minus whatever Warrior are calling glory holes these days, the launch wasn't exactly the picture of classy restraint. Smoke and flashing lights greeted fans, disguising the emergence of Jordan Henderson, Philippe Coutinho, Kolo Toure, and Simon Mignloet as they made their way tentative and blinking into the light like newborns who had been secreted away in Warrior's big red shipping container.

It was all a little much for a kit launch, especially one made to the backdrop of Liverpool's strongest title challenge of the Premier League era. The shirt, meanwhile, continues to come across as mostly alright. It exists, some parts of it work better than others, and not even the raised LFC detailing that looks a touch like snowflakes and raindrops and wasn't visible on the leaked images seems likely to inflame passions in either direction.

It's certainly not the worst kit Liverpool will have ever worn over the years, nor is it the worst kit Warrior have given Liverpool to wear after two seasons outfitting the players—it isn't by any measure a terrible bit of kit. It is, however, the least impressive home offering so far from Warrior, even if in fairness the upstart manufacturer set the bar awfully high in 2012-13 and 2013-14 with two of the club's best home kits in recent memory.

With a rumoured yellow away and intriguing dark grey and red third kit, it may also be the first time the home edition has been the weakest of Warrior's three offerings, and fans who plan on buying a Liverpool shirt for next season may do well to wait a few months for those to be launched before making up their minds. Those who do want a new red shirt fresh off the sewing machines, though, can head on over to the club's official online shop for a little bit of action.

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