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Dalglish Hails Brendan Rodgers' Fantastic Liverpool

Liverpool have found something of their dominating identity of old in Brendan Rodgers' second season in charge, and like fans everywhere, Kenny Dalglish thinks that's just fantastic.

Alex Livesey

Having replaced a man who stands amongst the club's greatest ever legends made for more than a few awkward feelings in the early days of Brendan Rodgers' time at Anfield. That Kenny Dalglish's return hadn't gone quite to plan was hard to argue, but that didn't make moving on from him any easier.

Deep into a title run in year two under Rodgers and with the club as well placed as its ever been to win its first title of the Premier League era, it's hardly a stretch to say the fans have fully embraced the club's latest manager. Having begun to appear in the stands at matches again of late, so has Dalglish.

"The club has got the feeling back that it used to have—and that's fantastic," said King Kenny. "Everybody is in it together, and I think that's a fantastic asset that has been installed in the players. Brendan has done a fantastic job, bringing them all together and getting them all playing for and with each other."

One of the keys this season has certainly been the togetherness of what has become a very tight-knit squad, and the work Rodgers has done building a team that is more than the sum of its in some cases very talented parts is certainly worthy of note. It isn't just on the pitch where Dalglish has noticed a change, though.

"Off the pitch," he added, "the football club is very healthy as well. Everything is moving onwards and upwards, and hopefully it continues. If Liverpool don't win the title, it will be disappointing because you've got so close and tried to win it, but it's a fantastic achievement to get in the Champions League.

"Everybody would love to see us getting in the Champions League, and if they can do it then that would be fantastic. Anything else, over and above that, would be a real bonus."

You might even say that anything over and above that would be downright fantastic.

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