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Carragher Knows Something Special is Happening in Liverpool

As pundits begin to warm to the idea of Liverpool as genuine title challengers, it's no surprise to find Jamie Carragher suggesting that he thinks Liverpool will win the league.

Alex Livesey

The fans, after spending most of the past month telling themselves how unlikely it would be, are starting to really, truly believe. The players and manager, though they're doing their best to keep the focus on just the next match, are starting to believe. Even some pundits are coming around on Liverpool's title chances, and it's no surprise who's leading that charge.

"I think Liverpool will win it now," said Jamie Carragher on Sky's Monday Night Football. "The feeling before the weekend was 'we've got a chance,' but the results and the intensity Liverpool played with has changed that. I'm talking about the crowd; I'm talking about the Kop. You hear the roar at the end of the game and you know something's happening."

After an unexpectedly nervy mid-week outing against a stubborn Sunderland side, on Sunday against Spurs the noise never let up from the home fans. Chelsea and Manchester City had stumbled on Saturday, leaving room for Liverpool to put themselves in control of their own destiny. Showing no signs of nerves or pressure, they took that opportunity in convincing fashion.

At times in the past when results elsewhere have gone Liverpool's way the squad hasn't capitalised. This time they did, and though there's plenty of work to do, they're the league's in-form side in 2014 and with their two toughest tests coming at home, the fans are increasingly confident. They're also, it turns out, rather enamoured with their sophomore manager.

"They are chanting for Brendan Rodgers throughout the game and I've never heard that before as much," added Carragher. "They are normally singing Kenny Dalglish's name or for Rafa Benitez a bit, but it was all for Brendan Rodgers. After this game there was a major belief that Liverpool can go on and win the league. I think they're making the supporters believe now.

"With the way they are playing—with the pace and energy they've got—it will be very difficult for Man City to go there and take three points and I can only see Liverpool winning that game."

Since the start of January, Liverpool have earned 35 of a possible 39 points and have six wins at home, better than any other Premier League side. There may still be plenty to do, but there's no reason not to believe.

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