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Daniel Agger Unconcerned with Nonsense Over Wilshere Tackle

Daniel Agger's challenge on Wednesday night will leave Jack Wilshere out for up to eight weeks, but the Danish captain is rightly convinced there was little wrongdoing.

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Thananuwat Srirasant

Internationals are always a nervy time, whether or not the matches actually mean something. Sometimes it's because the match is exciting, though not really ever as far as England are concerned, but more often it's the waiting to be sure that all those sent out to take part return home in one piece. Liverpool's record in that record has been fairly poor in recent seasons, but I'd imagine supporters from most clubs engage in just as much teeth-gnashing as they hope all involved stay healthy.

And from that perspective I can understand the reaction to Jack Wilshere's injury on Wednesday night; the midfielder has already missed some time this season and has struggled to stay fit throughout his young career, and news that he'll miss up to eight weeks with a broken bone in his left foot is a blow for Arsenal and England supporters. His form hasn't been consistent this season, but Arsenal are probably better with him in some capacity than they are without him, and the same can likely be said for England.

What makes less sense is the strength of the response against Daniel Agger, whose heavy touch and subsequent tackle led to the challenge in question. Talk of conspiracy theories and instructions from FSG to target Wilshere and petitions from supporters to get Agger banned were all things that happened in reality, and were all things that make little sense given what actually happened.

"It was 50-50. You have to go for those challenges. I was going for the ball and I think I got the ball, but the referee didn't." Thanks, Daniel Agger. You didn't get the ball, but that is mostly what actually happened. Miscontrol, effort to win the ball back, Wilshere commits just as much (which he offers here), and the top of his foot clatters into the bottom of Agger's. Crummy thing to happen in any match, but especially in a meaningless friendly with his spot in England's squad all but secured for the World Cup.

Not, however, something worthy of even more discussion than it's already received. Best to Wilshere, and hopefully he's able to make an impact for club and country once he's all healed up.

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