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Liverpool's March Internationals Open Thread

Join us as we keep an eye on Liverpool's players off on international duty while hoping everyone comes back uninjured and performs well. Mostly that they come back uninjured.

Richard Heathcote

Israel v. Slovakia
5:30PM GMT/12:30PM EST
Austria v. Uruguay
7:30PM GMT/2:30PM EST
Belgium v. Ivory Coast
7:45PM GMT/2:45PM EST
England v. Denmark

The games don't matter, at least not beyond helping the national teams to get ready for a summer that's still months off, and so most Liverpool fans will mainly be concerned with seeing everyone come back to the club healthy. Still, with Liverpool not in action this weekend, it's a chance to watch the likes of Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard for the last time before the trip to Old Trafford.

Of particular note for viewers at home are Liverpool's five representatives on the England squad, whose familiarity with each other and successful season so far at the club level could boost the nation's chances in Brazil. Or at least they could assuming Roy Hodgson chooses to use them all, which is a question that may be easier to answer after seeing what the England manager does today.

A full preview of the day's action can be found here. As always, LiveSoccerTV has listings of live television offerings around the globe, and you can always find the open threads in the sections drop down menu at the top of every page on the site when they disappear from the front page.

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