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Watch: Jon Flanagan v. Tottenham

Video of Jon Flanagan's performance against Tottenham, with the young fullback once again impressing as he continues a season that has been nearly as surprising as Liverpool's title challenge.

Alex Livesey

Flani Alves. Jonny Flandini. Red Cafu. Or just Jon Flanagan. He may have been edged to man of the match honours by Raheem Sterling on Sunday, but it was close, and less than half a season after being all but written off by most, the 21-year-old fullback continues to impress. So strong has he been covering for Jose Enrique that it's been easy to forget that the Spaniard's injury was once talked of as having the potential to derail Liverpool's season.

At the start of the season, no lower league club wanted to take Flanagan on loan. Now, even were Enrique to return he wouldn't get a start ahead of the young Scouser as Liverpool push for their first title of the Premier League era. His performance against Tottenham only further secured his place—and his growing cult status amongst Liverpool fans. Turns out thunderous saving tackles and the occasional Cruyff turn have a way of impressing people.

What comes next for Flanagan remains less than certain, though few doubt any longer that he does have a future at the club in some capacity regardless of any new players Brendan Rodgers brings in over the summer. And as unlikely as it once would have seemed, if he can continue playing as he did on Sunday, any new fullback signing might just end up backing up Flanagan rather than the other way around.

No matter what happens, it's been a heck of a ride—both for Flanagan and the club as a whole. So pull up a chair and take another look at Jon Flanagan's impressive afternoon as he terrorised Tottenham up and down the left flank.

Video by Mostar

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