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Rodgers Puts the Pressure on Chelsea and Manchester City

With Liverpool hitting their stride at the perfect time, Brendan Rodgers believes the real pressure in the title race will be on Manchester City and Chelsea, with both still having to come to Anfield.

Alex Livesey

After eight wins in a row in the league and with six matches to go, Liverpool suddenly find themselves in control of their own destiny. Win out, and the title is theirs for the first time in the Premier League era. With fellow title contenders Manchester City and Chelsea still to come, that won't be an easy task, but with Liverpool's two title competitors having to travel to Anfield, Brendan Rodgers knows his side have a chance.

"There is no doubt they understand this is going to be a real tough place to come," said Rodgers. "We love playing here and the support was incredible. That's as good as I've heard at Anfield since I've been here and it's only going to intensify. We respect Chelsea, they have a world-class manager and top players, and City are one of the new superpowers of European football, but we feel we can win any game."

Before getting the chance to worry about City in two weeks, though, there's the small matter of maintaining their focus and getting the right result against a tedious and tenacious West Ham side on the road. As the games tick past and Liverpool remain on course, each opponent, no matter who, only grows in significance. Each new match becomes the club's biggest of the season. And Rodgers believes his side can stay focused and handle that pressure.

"I think people looked at us and thought we would tail off," he added. "For us there was not the expectancy this year when you look at City, the squad they have and the money they’ve spent and Chelsea as well who have been dominant over a number of years. The pressure will be there but the pressure is for ourselves. We are Liverpool, one of the biggest clubs in the world. We want to represent the club and be winners, and we are on the right path."

Six more cup finals to go, in control of their own destiny, and the most exciting side in England's top flight by some distance. One would be hard pressed to find a Liverpool fan anywhere who doesn't agree with Rodgers that the club is on the right path.

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