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The Week in Comments: "How do I sign up for that hug?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Alex Livesey

Community Comments

Match Preview: Liverpool v. Sunderland, 03.26.14

RedWalker: I'm leaving work and going straight to the game
Got my ticket. Keep an eye out for the guy with the red scarf. Cant wait. Poetry in motion!

epicskyline: OMG. Wait. Stop. YOU'RE the guy with the red scarf?
I love your work. LOL – remember that time you accidentally held it upside down? Priceless.

Suarez Deferred to Gerrard on Liverpool's Opener

I would be ok with this picture leading every article on TLO for the rest of the season. It basically sums up every reason why I chose this club to follow, and why I haven’t ever questioned that decision.

— GavinPaull, on the stupidly adorbs pic of Stevie and Suarez after Stevie's goal
How do I sign up for that hug?

— GJR8, also on the stupidly adorbs pic of Stevie and Suarez after Stevie's goal

Johnson: Everyone Wants Liverpool to Win the League

I want Liverpool to win the league
I don’t know if I count as everyone though, Glen.

— Amelia L

Liverpool 2, Sunderland 1: First Thoughts

From this day on Arsenal are just more baggies.

— Liberecak

Match Preview: Liverpool v. Tottenham, 03.30.14

Not in the face! NOT IN THE FACE!

— Uncle Menno
The unholy god of darkness Fergie has been dethroned
now the favored son is fated to reattain the lofty perch from whence he was cast. The stars have aligned. It is our time. We have served our penance. Let the domination begin.

— Orange_Esquire
Here's what I think the reality is
He’s going to play 90 every game and he’ll either get the card or he won’t.

— maninblack, on how to manage Steven Gerrard being on nine yellow cards

Everything's the Worst: Future Perfect Edition

I'll have an 'Arsenal win' starter with a glass of 'Chelsea held' and a main course of 'Spurs demoralized'..... oh,and a side dish of 'another Moyes excuse'.

— wolf-in-wolf's-clothing

Matchday: Liverpool v. Tottenham

Felt nervous yesterday. Now feeling much better.

Look at Luis Suarez. Then look at Spurs. Then look at Suarez again. Then Spurs. Then look at Tim Sherwood’s face for a while. Just pause, reflect, meditate over the fact that Tim Sherwood is trying to outthink Brendan Rodgers. Now Suarez again. Think about how Suarez didn’t score on Wednesday. Think about how much Suarez hates not scoring. Think about Spurs’s lulzy defense.

Be calm, my friends.

— juliancasablancas

Liverpool 4, Tottenham 0: First Thoughts

Anybody have Victor Moses in the "pitch invasion" bonus question on the overnight thread?
Cause you might be a wizard.

— Ignignokt

Liverpool 4, Tottenham 0: Irrepressible Reds Go Top with Impressive Victory

As an old fart I remember the glory years, but this experience is totally different to when we were winning the tittle on a regular basis. Back then we expected to win, and everyone else expected it. That is what made Michael Thomas’s winner for Arsenal on the last day of the 89 season so shocking. This year no one expected us to be in the mix and as Elizabeth points out top four was even a hope more than an expectation. That lack of expectation, coming on the back of 24 years of futility, plus the manner of the performances, is what makes this such an exhilarating experience. No Liverpool supporter, no matter how old, has ever experienced a season like this.

— TwoRonnies
This team is bringing back that old pride, the old feelings of what it used to be – a supporter of the best damn football club in the frickin’ world. We’re not there yet, but this team is gradually resurrecting those old feelings, one game at a time.

I have to admit, I teared up twice today. The first was right before the match began, with the crowd singing YNWA. The anticipation was overwhelming. The second was as the crowd was singing Anfield Road during the Aaron Lennon substitution in the second half, just as we all knew this match was won. PRIDE.

— beast in bama
So as most of you know, on January 1st 2014 I watched Liverpool play Hull at Anfield. We won 2-0. Since then, we are undefeated in the league.

You’re welcome, everybody.

— He_Drinks_Sangria

akak637 envisioned some Melwood man management. latortillablanca compared how Raheem Sterling is being managed as compared to how a young Lionel Messi was managed (no hyperbole!). Our Spurs friends Lennon's Eyebrow and Uncle Menno provided some nice post-match meme-age. Geoff Twentemany posted the best picture ever.

Staff Comment

Match Preview: Liverpool v. Sunderland, 03.26.14

But am I happy for Sturridge to have a new chip on his shoulder going into next year? Yes ma’am I am.

— Jake, on Sturridge never getting any credit for what he does

Gif of the Week

(via erosenin)


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  • Total comments: 4,575
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 5588
  • Total green comments: 327

Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurkers RedWalker, silentslinky, TristanxTan, gntfan10, Stripeymonkey, Inder Methil, Laker24, BostonNate123, Japotus99, Turbo Timmy, Stephen Uyi, and TechPhiPsi. Apologies if I missed anyone, there were so many of you this week!
  • If you're interested in music documentaries, there was whole slew of recommendations in the Spurs overnight thread.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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