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Liverpool 4, Tottenham 0: First Thoughts

It wasn't a 5-0 decimation at White Hart Lane, but this will do quite nicely.

Alex Livesey

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Liverpool 4 Kaboul o.g. 2', Suarez 25', Coutinho 55', Henderson 75'
Tottenham 0

  • Despite all of Tim Sherwood's attempts at mind games, that start could not have been more disastrous for Tottenham. Their high line was quickly exposed, and then a hilarious error by Younes Kaboul put the ball in to the net for an early own goal. Football is the best thing, you guys.

  • I seriously don't understand Tim Sherwood's "tactics". A bad backup right back, a center back that's been gimpy, another who's virtually permacrocked, and a left back that's exhausted, so what do you do? Play a high line! And not just any high line, but a really, really high line. Then when the gimpy centerback (Vertonghen) gets hurt and has to come out, you'd think that since his replacement (Michael Dawson) is basically a statue, he'd pull the line back, right? Wrong. Add that to the bizarre positioning of Christian Eriksen and Nacer Chadli in the attacking midfield band, and it's little wonder that Spurs looked disjointed and panicked at times.

  • Speaking of Michael Dawson, what an awful way to introduce yourself to the match. A horrible pass up the pitch, followed by what basically wound up as the assist to the Suarez goal. I would feel bad for him, but, well, I don't.

  • There's just no sense of urgency, of "gotta snag a goal", of "we need to steal as many points as we can" from this Spurs side. I dunno if it's Sherwood or them being so outplayed or the players just giving up on the season, but it's ugly to see. Almost as ugly as Sherwood's tactics.

  • There was some phenomenal goalkeeping by both sides in the first half. Simon Mignolet made a couple very good saves and punches, and Hugo Lloris made the mother of all reaction saves to deny Suarez his second goal in the 41st minute on a bullet header that looked certain to go in.

  • Spurs came out so hilariously flat in the second half that a third goal was inevitable. Well, it may have been no matter what, but you get my point. The only sign of life was a bizarrely high press from their fullbacks, which Raheem Sterling gladly took full advantage of on several occasions. The young winger was astoundingly good today, and fully deserved a goal to his name. It's a shame he didn't get one.

  • That Coutinho goal was pants-obliteratingly good. Holy wow. And the turn and pass from Jon Flanagan that set it up was every bit as good as the goal.

  • Watching Sherwood sit up on the bench looking all kinds of petulant, then checking his phone(!), then answering his phone(!!!!!!) during the match was just the best thing. 

  • HENDOGOAL! Suarez might have had a shout at it, but I loved seeing him insist that it was Henderson's. That free kick through the scrum was a thing of beauty.

  • Jon Flanagan absolutely blew up Roberto Soldado when he was otherwise free on goal. Kid plays his heart out and then some.


liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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