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The Week in Comments: "The best Studge goal is always the next one"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

David Cannon

Community Comments

Mignolet: Liverpool Must Keep Undefeated Streak Alive

I really thought the red and white captured the essence of Liverpool. The digital style numbering is a clear reference to the forward thinking tactical mind of Brendan Rodgers. The broad stance of the numbers an homage to the firm base FSG is building through youth and a sound transfer policy. The shape of the outline represents that Liverpool has come full circle and returned to its glory days of old. And of course the shadowing, reminding us all of the legends who came before and are behind the team to this day.

— Chief Ralphie the Red, on the giant clock they must have at Melwood counting down the remaining games

Keep Calm and Kolo On

I'd be fine with Kolo putting a stop to some of the things he's been doing

— Khaine

I Love Daniel Sturridge

The best Studge goal is always the next one

— maninblack

Rodgers: "It's About Winning"

When we throw as many forward as we do
Goals are bound to happen. If not for long-term injuries to crucial members of the defensive corps, ill-fated deflections and own goals (sorry Marty, still love the ink), those goals-allowed numbers would look very different and a more fair representation of our play.

But then again, since we’re playing the what if game, WHAT IF EMILY CHOSE ME AT THAT 8th GRADE DANCE…..YNWA

— Henderson'sHair

Brendan Rodgers Considers Pepe Reina To Already Be Gone

Can agree re Reina’s past contribution and there should be desire (on both sides) to part on reasonable terms. However 1) when a player tells you he wants you to consider a bid from another club, it does suggest they are not committed to staying so the manager needs to think about other options . What sensible manager wouldn’t? 2) The letter Reina wrote on going to Napoli was a ‘goodbye letter’ in tone and content as well as containing a few choice and pointed barbs towards BR. Phrase about burning bridges comes to mind. So Rodgers is quite entitled to slam door shut in my view.

— Bensorin

Henderson's Leadership on Display in Swansea Brace

There will always be the issue that we could have acquired him for less

But I don’t think that’s mattered for awhile. Thanks to Kenny for acquiring him and sticking by him that first season, allowing him to gain valuable experience.

Thanks to everyone involved who prevented the nightmare-inducing Henderson-Dempsey fiasco from happening.

— Amelia L

Rodgers Not Focusing on Title Tilt

Rodgers said it's okay to dream? Then we should do just that
I dream we win our next 10 games by scoring 40 goals in total and conceding…….1? I dream Steven Gerrard puts in 10 MOTM performances in a row cause he’s awesome. I dream Man City drop points against the likes of Swansea, West Brom and us cause money should not get you automatic EPL titles. I dream Morinho finally goes so far up his own ass that he physically can’t come out and is unable to manage Chelsea. I dream that Manure become the new Aston Villa and that Aston Villa become crap because they stole a precious point from our beloved Anfield. I dream that on the final matchday our players will stand on the podium and clap as Steven Gerrard walks up, hoists the title above his and repeats “First at last first at last, Fowler almight we are first at last!”

— Sturridges_Barber

Southampton 0, Liverpool 3: First Thoughts

Good timing for him to get sidelined against a midtable team rather than a competitor.

— nihil in moderato, on Gerrard potentially missing out on the Man Utd match due to yellow card accumulation (which he won't)

Southampton 0, Liverpool 3: The Charge Is On, Liverpool Go Second

Butter Crunchv The sun is out.
I’m eating Blue Bell ice cream.
There’s a little Johnny Cash wafting in the background.
And good lord, Daniel Agger is handsome and wants none of your shit.
Liverpool 3, Southampton 0.
This is most pleasant.

— Not Too Xabi
alcatrazzledazzle: I’m trying to imagine what my parents would say if I told them I was marrying a printed paper copy of the Premier League table

Elizabeth L: Is that legal in your state?

alcatrazzledazzle: Sadly, our love would remain a pulp fiction

Geoff Twentyman broke down the responsibilities of different midfield positions (seriously, bookmark this). Nerf set some sort of record for a joke set-up and punchline across multiple posts. There were dueling interpretations of the Pepe Reina saga by Luis Suarez Dentist and Mr Sanchez.

Staff Comment

Luis Suarez: Liverpool's Next Captain?

Jordan Henderson for captain from 2016-2182

— Ed


  • Total comments this week: 4445
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 3409
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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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