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Pre-Sunderland Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Anfield.

Gareth Copley

1) Will a home match against relegation fodder be enough to tempt Brendan Rodgers into finally trying the Agger/Sakho Left Footed Klaxon???

2) Does Steven "Walking Yellow Card" Gerrard get a rest so that there's no risk of him potentially missing the matches against the Hams, Totten and West?

3) What role does Joe Allen play, if any?

4) Do both Coutinho and Sterling get the start? If not, who is on the bench?

5) Who is the most unlikely outfielder to score a brace in this match? (Luis Alberto does not count.)

Bonus: Sunderland are known as the Black Cats, and black cats crossing your path can be an omen of good luck or bad luck depending on where you live and how superstitious you are. Do you have any weird superstitions surrounding your match going or match watching activities?

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