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Pre-Cardiff Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kickoff from Cardiff City Stadium.

So genteel, so debonair.
So genteel, so debonair.

1) Skrtel/Agger power couple, or does Mamadou Sakho break up the happy duo?

2) Who gets the DM slot: Lucas Leiva or Steven Gerrard?

3) Does Philippe Coutinho return to the starting line-up?

4) Will Luis Alberto make the bench?

5) Assuming he manages some playing time, who is on the receiving end of a bit of patented Craig Bellamy cheekiness?

Bonus: Paul McCartney has written songs about both blackbirds and bluebirds, but not Liverbirds. In honour of Cardiff, what's your favourite team with a bird-related nickname?

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