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Rodgers Downplays Title Talk

While the media talk and fans dream, Brendan Rodgers continued to play down title talk at his pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday's match against Cardiff City.

With only nine games to go, Liverpool are positioned with a realistic chance of winning the title for only the third time in the Premier League era. In 2002 and 2009, they came up short. It's no surprise then that Brendan Rodgers is continuing to play down his side's title aspirations, though it's hard to imagine that inside he and his players aren't dreaming just like the fans.

"It’s great for the supporters to dream and I think for them, at this moment in time, they’ve got great pride in what they’re seeing," said Rodgers when he was asked about Liverpool's title chances. "They’re seeing a group of players that are representing the shirt very well. They’re playing at an outstanding level. But, and it's fairly simple, we haven’t done anything yet.

"So the focus has been purely on Cardiff City. That's been our world this week. We had a wonderful result and performance at Old Trafford, but there hasn't been any talk of the title. We're just enjoying how we're playing, but our focus has been on Cardiff City. We've got tough games right the way through—we'll speak about the run-in when the season is over."

Chelsea slipped up last weekend against Aston Villa, meaning Liverpool now hold their fate in their own hands when it comes to whether they finish ahead of the London side, but as yet there remains no room for error and no promise that Jose Mourinho's side will stumble again. Manchester City, meanwhile, remain in control as the top side with the most points still to play for.

The media may love to talk, and the fans may enjoy their dreams—just as Rodgers may when he's away from the cameras—but one poor performance could be Liverpool's undoing. So the focus remains on the next game. On the biggest game of the year for Rodgers and this Liverpool side. And if they win it they get to play an even bigger one a few days later.

"For me it has always been about the next game," he added. "That might sound boring each time people ask, but it's the reality of where we're at. There's no point in us worrying about Sunderland next Wednesday when we've got a massive game on Saturday at three o'clock."

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