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Champions League Open Thread: Joy in the Misfortune of Others Edition

Round of 16 action wraps up today with an already decided Dortmund tie and a chance to laugh at the misfortune of Manchester United. Fair to say we're in a laughing mood.

Alex Livesey

Schadenfreude. Taking joy in the misfortune of others. In this case, taking joy in Manchester United's likely ouster from the Champions League at the hands of Olympiacos, who won the first leg 2-0 at home. With the second leg at Old Trafford, there's always a chance United overcome the deficit, but even if they do the likes or Bayern, Barca, and Madrid await in the next round and David Moyes is David Moyes. It's also unlikely the result will change the minds of those above him at United—Moyes has either done enough damage already to end up fired between now and the end of the season or he's got enough support to get until at least Christmas no matter what new horrors he inflicts on the defending league champions. In the day's other match, Dortmund won 4-2 over Zenit on the road in the first leg and should advance. Both games kick off at 7:45PM GMT/3:45PM EST.

If you're watching, join us as we keep an eye on the day's going ons while looking forward to Liverpool's return next season to Europe's premier club competition. As always, LiveSoccerTV has listings of live television offerings around the globe, and you can always find the open threads in the sections drop down menu at the top of every page on the site when they disappear from the front page.

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