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Rodgers Hoping to Earn First Liverpool Win at Old Trafford Since 2009

Brendan Rodgers is confident Liverpool can join the list of teams who have taken all three points when visiting Old Trafford this season, especially since twice now his club have earned wins at grounds where in recent years they've been shut out.

Clive Mason

Crackers. Dry toast. A glass of flat ginger ale. These are the tools you must have at the ready if you're going to fight the nausea that is surely creeping its way into your stomach with just over twenty-four hours to go before yet another lovely visit to Old Trafford.

While Liverpool's dominance at home has seen Anfield earning the "fortress" moniker of days' past once again, the club's away form has resulted in a patchier series of results, with four of the their five losses coming on the road. Brendan Rodgers doesn't think the statistics are quite as bad as they might look on the surface.

"We’ve gone into a number of away games this season at venues where we haven’t done so well in the past," Rodgers explained. "[Winning against Manchester United] would put down a marker for us. We’ve had a number of those statistics this year. We hadn’t won away at Tottenham for quite a while and we performed there and won 5-0. We hadn’t won at Southampton — which was a real tough away game — for 11 years, and we won 3-0 there.

"I will take the very same approach going into this game. It’s a difficult game because of the level of opponent, but we’ll go in with that same aggression and confidence that we can cause problems to any opponent."

Rodgers is right to be concerned about the level of his club's opponents on Sunday, given Liverpool's history of underperforming against teams below them in the table. David Moyes' side are having their own struggles this year, and as someone in his second year of working with a club during a rebuilding process, Rodgers understands what Moyes is going through.

"I’ve empathy over the pressures that come with taking over such a huge club," said Rodgers, speaking from personal experience. "But the states of the two clubs are incomparable, because they were champions. They have serial winners in there. I took this club when they were eighth. So the building and remodelling of the two clubs were totally different."

Zing, Brenno.

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