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Everything’s the Worst: Questions and Answers Edition

Godot hasn’t arrived yet but ETW has. It’s time to turn down the volume.

Photobombing Liverpool FC style. Beat that Ellen.
Photobombing Liverpool FC style. Beat that Ellen.
Mike Hewitt

The last time Liverpool won four games in a row was in December. That particular victorious stretch of games was a reaction to the horrible loss at Steve Bruce's Hull City. Liverpool put five past Norwich, four past West Ham, five past Tottenham, and three past Cardiff. Seventeen goals in four games. That's a response.

If Liverpool beating Everton four nil was the reaction to drawing at home to Stoke and beating Arsenal five-one was the reaction to drawing away to West Brom, what will be the next reaction to another draw if such a result transpires? ETW pities the opponent.

Back to streaks. That four game winning streak ended with a trip to Manchester. Liverpool are currently on another four game streak and face a trip to...Manchester. Scary. What's not so scary is that Manchester are managed by David Moyes. What's worrying is that Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Adnan Januzaj, Juan Mata, Javier Hernandez, and Danny Welbeck can all do things. Terrible things. Offensive things. Maybe Welbeck is less offensive than the rest but he can still cause some trouble.

This may be a familiar sound to those who imbibe on the sumptuous beverage called pessimism but ETW isn't interested in such things. ETW is just trying to help and ensure that there is a sobering of expectations. Manchester United and Old Trafford may no longer be the combination where mortals feared to tread but a home victory is not inconceivable so cool it. Put the champagne on ice and try to adopt a more considered approach in discussing the forthcoming game. See? That's so much better. You can thank ETW later but before then please panic and worry appropriately. If Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool side manages to acquire a somewhat useful victory, please be aware of best practice in celebrating a victory.

Winning five games in a row a title challenger does not make but it makes for pretty reading. Chelsea will have played twice in the Premier League before Liverpool clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford, which will provide an intriguing backdrop on Sunday. It could be the game where Liverpool must win to keep pace with the league leaders or perhaps Liverpool must win to take advantage of any unforeseen stumble experienced by other top four incumbents. Whatever happens before the game, Liverpool have an opportunity to leave an enemy stronghold with everything on offer. Three points. Victory. Confidence. Bragging rights. Momentum. Respect.

On the subject of streaks, Liverpool will not win the title if successive away wins are alien concepts to all connected with the club. Brendan Rodgers' side has only familiarised itself with such a streak since the last game. To make that clearer to you, Liverpool only achieved consecutive away wins in the league this month. The Premier League season started in August and that is not worthy of winning the title. It appears that consecutive away wins aren't too popular in Liverpool's form book but there is still time for that to change.

Three away wins in a row. That's the challenge for Liverpool on Sunday and if that is beyond the Reds then perhaps talk of title challenges should lay dormant for a while. In a year of resounding answers, a vulnerable rival poses another question for Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool FC. The answer could possibly shape how high Liverpool should fly.

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