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Champions League Open Thread: Sami's Tears Edition

From just maybe competitive if you squint at it yesterday to done and dusted from any angle, today's Champions League ties look as stale as Gangnam Style. Or planking. Or the Macarena. Enjoy!

Dennis Grombkowski

Bayer Leverkusen are out, and not even Sami Hyypia dredging up some Istanbul magic is going to change that with Paris Saint-Germain winning four away goals to nil in the first leg. Manchester City, down two away goals and not having managed to score at the Etihad, aren't much better off as they head to Catalonia, but given their star power and that Barcelona hasn't looked convincing domestically of late, there might just be an outside chance of City prolonging their Champions League adventure. Of course, City looked terrible domestically in the FA Cup last weekend, too. So it's probably completely over. But still. Football. And it kicks off at 7:45PM GMT/3:45PM EST.

If you're watching, join us in keeping an eye on the day's going ons while we daydream about Liverpool making it back into Europe's premier club competition next season. As always, LiveSoccerTV has listings of live television offerings around the globe, and you can always find the open threads in the sections drop down menu at the top of every page on the site when they disappear from the front page.

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