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The Week in Comments: "No injuries!!!!!!!"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Michael Steele

Community Comments

Liverpool's Internationals Recap: Sturridge Wins it for England

No injuries!!!!!!!

— Chief Ralphie the Red

Rodgers Keeps the Focus on Youth as Liverpool Look to Take the Next Step

But for me, when I retire from football I want to be able to look back and see that not only have I won trophies but I’ve developed a football club.

— Brendan Rodgers, who got 18 recs when aj.joven.7 quoted this

John Henry Opens Up About Luis Suarez Saga

I think some people are missing the point here
at a moment when Arsenal supporters are emotionally vulnerable JWH decides to twist the knife a little bit more. Oh those sweet gunner tears. Delicious.

— maninblack

Race for the Top Four: Liverpool Edging Arsenal for Third, Chelsea Remain Title Favourites

Do a fan post
They’re always wildly popular

— Khaine, on the idea of an open thread for the U21 match
pretzalz: How would people like it if liverpool entered the final matchday level on points with Man City, but 2 goals behind in goal differential and up in goals scored?

Ed: Considering most have City finishing first or second, I’d be just fine with that. Plus there might be a combined 23 goals scored between City and Liverpool that day.

kingofzachland: Liverpool 22-1 Man City?

Professor Ch@os: Hah! I like how even in a dream scenario, Liverpool can't keep a clean sheet

Ten Matches to Go: Looking Back at Liverpol's Season So Far

This truly is the best time to be a Liverpool supporters.

10 more match to go,
30 points up for grab,
Title Dark Horse,
Top 4 Unicorn,
One Game At A Time,
I know this one ain’t a rhyme,
But hell The Reds,
Lets Rise and Lets Fight.

— sunfries

Second Teams and Second Loves

Liverpool U-18s.
then Liverpool Reserves.

in that order.

— Brad Jones Hair, channelling Shankly

Gerrard Credits Suarez and Rodgers

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt like the team were utterly together in their objective. A beautiful sight. Even in Rafa’s best years his connection to various players always appeared (and was rumored to be) tenuous. And while it was hard not to love some spice boys, there seemed to be some disconnect in that squad as well. And while it’s certainly not imperative to a title winning team, I have a hard time believing it doesn’t matter when it’s a team like ours and not some galactico laden squad. Impossible not to root for these lads; there’s not a single person wearing the shirt that I don’t like – even Awkward Aly – which is a far cry from recent memory. BR has to be given credit for eliminating the dead weight and getting the best out of those that have been privileged to stay.

— ejbauer
After the past 3-4 seasons, I finally feel like things are going to where they need to be. Sure there’s still some sore spots, but i feel like the scab is starting to come off and things are healing. The team is working towards a common goal, there’s a manager who’s got his footing and wording is going pretty good. I’m so excited, but it’s still cautious optimism. I feel like the team’s come back and that if depth can be improved upon, I don’t think it needs a lot, I think we’ll be in really good place.

— Kellys_locker

Hermes had a great interpretation of John W. Henry's comments on Suarez's contract. Geoff Twentyman alerted us to a song for Jordan Henderson. Luis Suarez Dentist has fond memories of the 89-90 season.

Staff Comment

Suarez: "I Want to Stay"


— Trev

But I also loved this from the same post:

LiverRed: With this sorta attitude, he can probably play in any position on the pitch and still make an impact.
stugots05: DM?
Noel: He’s got the right attacking qualities for it.

And this from Ed, for personal reasons:

This Week in Daniel Agger News: International Break Edition

Also, I know there’s wages and other etceteras, but this is a guy that you keep around if you’re getting back into the Champions League next season. It’s just like... what you do.

This makes up for weeks where I don't have a staff comment.

Gif of the Week

Because I love this commercial. (via Wides)


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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