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Rodgers: "Phenomenal" Sterling is England's Best

Brendan Rodgers had lofty praise for young Raheem Sterling after his terrific performance against Arsenal on Saturday, and his assertion that the 19 year old is the best in the country on current form might not be too far off.

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Michael Regan

If it hasn't already, attention will shortly turn to the trip to Fulham--who just wrapped up a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford--on Wednesday. Before we get there, however, we need to take a minute or two to acknowledge the sparkling display by Raheem Sterling yesterday afternoon. After the disappointing draw at West Brom in which he was one of the only bright spots for Liverpool, he yet again delivered a man of the match performance in scoring a brace and combining well in attack.

Whereas praise last season seemed premature, the celebration of his current form feels like a better fit. After just a few starts last season Brendan Rodgers highlighted him as one of the country's best, only to watch his form fade as the season progressed. This time around Rodgers has doubled down on his claims from last season, stating that "Raheem Sterling was incredible. He's just turned 19 years of age. I don't think there's a better winger in England at this moment in time. He's absolutely phenomenal. Today he was outstanding. But that was the case right across the board."

Depending on who you're supporting that's likely up for debate; each of the sides in and around the top four have a player or two that's in the running to an honor that doesn't really mean anything and is entirely subjective anyway, but it's hard to argue that Sterling isn't at least among the top three or four over the course of the past month and a half.

What matters most, of course, is that he's helped Liverpool achieve some remarkable results this season, and whenever there's been an impressive performance of late--wins against Spurs, Everton, and Arsenal; losses at Manchester City and Chelsea--Raheem Sterling has been oustanding. Given his age it's understandable to wait for levels to drop, and while they will at some point, for now he's a player worth enjoying.

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