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Sunday Open Thread: Win-Win-Win Edition

Not much to do today other than sit back and watch as Liverpool's three competitors for top four football are in action on a slow but important day in the Premier League.

Tony Marshall

Liverpool won yesterday, which trumps everything. Today Spurs host Everton, and if Spurs win, Liverpool gain ground on their Merseyside rivals in the race for fourth. If Everton win, Liverpool gain ground on Spurs in the race for fourth. If Spurs and Everton draw, Liverpool gain ground on both. There is no losing for Liverpool this weekend, unless Arsene Wenger was actually falling through a wormhole at Lime Street Station last night and they're going to play yesterday's match over again. That would be bad.

Manchester United host Fulham later in the day, so they'll totally be back come tomorrow night, and there's a money clash at the top of the table between Monaco and PSG in France to follow to go along with a full schedule in Serie A and a handful of matches in La Liga, as well as the Derby de Lisboa in Portugal.

Check out ESPNFC's live scores page or LiveSoccerTV, which has a schedule along with live and repeat viewings on offer through legal providers. Check your local listings and the LiveSoccer schedule page to catch up, and feel free to talk about any and all of it below. Reminder that links to illegal streaming sites will be removed immediately and repeat offenders will be banned.

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