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Rest of Saturday Open Thread: Random Fits of Laughter Edition

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On the heels of Liverpool's demolition of Arsenal, there's plenty else to follow as you spend the rest of the day randomly giggling.

Richard Heathcote

Well that was...something. And now there's more! Not for Liverpool, of course, though they might still be scoring goals against Arsenal. A full Premier League slate on offer and chances for Fabio Borini and Oussama Assaidi, Suso and Almeria hosting La Liga front-runners Atletico Madrid, Napoli hosting AC Milan in Serie A, and plenty to follow around the rest of the continent as well.

Also, did the last two hours actually happen?

Check out ESPNFC's live scores page or LiveSoccerTV, which has a schedule along with live and repeat viewings on offer through legal providers. Check your local listings and the LiveSoccer schedule page to catch up, and feel free to talk about any and all of it below. Reminder that links to illegal streaming sites will be removed immediately and repeat offenders will be banned.