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Sturridge Hits Back Against Accusations of Arrogance

The one nagging criticism Daniel Sturridge faces is the allegation that he possesses an arrogant streak, and the striker is quite happy to put that particular myth to rest.

He can't help it if he has the best dentist in England.
He can't help it if he has the best dentist in England.
Michael Regan

It's been a year since his transfer from Chelsea, but the reputation that preceded Daniel Sturridge's arrival at Anfield still lingers on the periphery. Not everyone has warmed to the prolific striker — particularly opposition defenders and goalkeepers — since he first pulled on a red shirt, but in a candid interview with the Anfield Wrap (via the Mirror), Sturridge set the record straight.

"The arrogant thing annoys me most — it annoys me a lot," Sturridge confessed. "But it's life, isn't it? I think everyone has a perception, like I have perceptions of people I don't know.

"I've always been a chilled guy: living life, enjoying life, always smiling, always bantering. Everyone who has met all says the same. I've never had any problems or any beef with anybody or anything like that."

Liverpool fans have enjoyed watching the striker shed his clearly erroneous image problems as he's revealed himself to be a positive and down to earth personality. This hasn't exempted him from the occasional moment of selfishness on the pitch, notably in the most recent Merseyside derby, but Sturridge maintains people aren't always watching him as closely as possible.

"I do set up chances for people and I do enjoy giving assists and being part of the team," the striker pointed out, "but in some cases maybe you don't get the credit you deserve."

This is where a closing paragraph usually goes, summarising all of the above while also giving a point to ponder for the future. All of that is inadequate at the moment, though, because sometimes it's just fun to revel in the greatness that is Daniel Sturridge. #redordead

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