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Keep Calm and Kolo On

Kolo Toure thinks if Liverpool keep calm and keep doing what they've been doing the club can achieve their goals this season. Tightening up a bit at the back might not hurt, either.

Mike Hewitt

Six points on Tottenham; eleven on Everton and Manchester United. A massive goal differential advantage on all three that would settle a points tiebreaker in Liverpool's favour. The club may not have wrapped up the top four just yet, but with the top of the table closer than their competitors for the final Champions League spot, they're in a very strong position with eleven games left.

Along with Liverpool's generally strong form, there are certainly reasons to feel confident that the club can return to the Champions League after a five year absence. There's still plenty of time for things to go wrong, though, if Liverpool allow themselves to become overconfident thinking the job is already done, a point Kolo Toure is focusing on ahead of Saturday's Southampton match.

"We just need now to keep calm and do what we have been doing," Toure told radio station City Talk about Liverpool's chances of holding on to a top four finish this season. "If we continue that we will get the same results. There are going to be some tough games. Southampton is a tough place to go but I think we can score goals and defend well as a team and we are working hard.

"We are in a good position at the moment, but with 11 games to there are still a lot of things that can happen. We need to stay calm and focus on the next game. The gaffer gives everyone confidence. When you step on the pitch you know that he's behind supporting you. Everyone is trying to do their job the best they can and we need to keep doing that until the end of the season."

If they can keep doing that, the top four is no longer in doubt—though if remains key as there is clearly still work to be done. If they can keep doing that, an unlikely title challenge might even be possible—though given the three sides ahead of them are all better equipped to win the league, moving up to third and automatic Champions League qualification is the more realistic goal.

It's been quite a ride for Liverpool and the club's fans this season, with a fair few nervy moments to go with all the goalscoring fun. Now, with the end nearly in sight, it's about keeping calm and continuing to do what they've been doing. Though doing what they've been doing while tightening up a little at the back might be preferable from the standpoint of Liverpool fans' livers.

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