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Champions League Open Thread: Hopefully Not Crap Edition

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After an opening day that didn't live up to its billing, we return today European action today with a pair of matches that, on paper at least, appear to carry less potential.

Steve Bardens

With PSG and Barcelona winning comfortably, it seems as though yesterday's Champions League ties are already over and neutral fans can take the return legs off. On offer today are two more, and if yesterday's games seemed to offer intrigue only to fail to deliver, today's appear likely to be lopsided. If they similarly fail to live up to expectations, that might actually mean a pair of intriguing matches. It seems more likely, though, that Atletico Madrid will handle AC Milan with relative ease and Bayern Munich will cut Arsenal to shreds. The only positive for fans hoping the return legs matter is that both favourites play on the road. As always, the matches kick off at 7:45PM GMT/2:45PM EST.

Come and join us in keeping an eye on the day's going ons while we daydream about Liverpool making it back into Europe's premier club competition next season. As always, LiveSoccerTV has listings of live television offerings around the globe, and SBNation has put together a big, shiny preview for the Round of 16 that's worth your time.