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The Week in Comments: "His hair was a solid 7/10"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Photographers didn't seem to want to take photos of LFC fans this week. This will have to suffice.
Photographers didn't seem to want to take photos of LFC fans this week. This will have to suffice.
Mike Hewitt

The Week in Comments: "Liverpool had scored 4 goals by now"

I prefer to think
that the crossbar saved the life of at least 3 supporters in the Anfield Road end.

— BrooklynHorn, on Suarez's rocket shot in the 5-1 win over Arsenal

Rodgers' Liverpool Building Momentum

It's high time we gave credit to our Man of the Match
It’s interesting that the press credited Mourinho with a brilliant strategy against Man City in a 1-0 win—the same scoreline against Man City that clubs at the bottom of the league have achieved—yet Rodgers’ much greater accomplishment of crushing the league leaders 5-1 has merited barely a peep.

— Farce of Nature

Fulham 2, Liverpool 3: First Thoughts

fastrail: Suarez hasn't score in 3 games #SuarezOut

erosinen: I know that was a joke but it’s amazing to see Suarez being unselfish when he can easily shoot and he is a striker.

Fulham 2, Liverpool 3: Ugly, But We'll Take It

My favorite moment of the match?
Suarez grabbing the ball out of the net after Coutinho’s goal and shoving the celebratory pack back to the half to restart. Cause we should never be satisfied with a point against Fulham. Lad is on point.
Of course, it could have been because he hadn’t scored yet. lol

— Mr. Beardpower
His hair was a solid 7/10
Not quite a Suso or Brad Jones but a good start.

— ZigZag99, identifying the important things about Joao Carlos Teixeira's debut

Teixeira: "It was Something Incredible"

As a fellow Portuguese
And we share the same last name, I can have a jersey with my name on it and not look like a douchenozzle!

— JesussavesbutFowlernetstherebound
I like to use Mkhitaryan in even the most non Mkhitaryan related Mkhitaryan news because Mkhitaryan is not an easy Mkhitaryan to remember how to spell so Mkhitaryan needs to be constantly Mkhitaryan into any conversation so that Mkhitaryan is always spelled as Mkhitaryan and not by any possible variation to Mkhitaryan because then you get yourself into a Mkhitaryan mess by misplacing all the letters needed to spell Mkhitaryan which could make Mkhitaryan angry and you don’t ever want to see a Mkhitaryan angry because “The Shield” tells me that an angry Mkhitaryan results in very bad Mkhitaryan things.

In closing Mkhitaryan is Mkhitaryan and Mkhitaryan is spelled that way because that’s how you spell Mkhitaryan.

— Nebhamoo, putting the ability to spell challenging names to good use

Sometimes It's Okay to Just Enjoy Things

PKs are like basilisks
Much safer to view them through a reflection, but even so they’re still petrifying.

— nihil in moderato

Liverpool Academy Update: February 14th Edition

Stalinesque: Any news on Pelosi?

pretzalz: Still the minority leader.

ejbauer got engaged. Jimmy_Rustles is finding it hard not to be optimistic, and so is a tommy point. Neb has a lot of complicated feelings for maninblack.

Staff Comment of the Week

Fulham 2, Liverpool 3: First Thoughts

The kind of game United used to win over and over again that would drive me crazy.

— Jake

Gif of the Week

A day may come when Steven Gerrard fails to carry this squad on his back...

(via Ignignokt)

Stats of the Week

  • Total comments this week: 4989
  • Total recs (lenient or otherwise): 3919
  • Total green comments: 249

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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